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SIM IwataniSuzhou Iwatani Metal Products Co., Ltd. The Company is equipped with an air shower room and air-conditioned facility   
in a semi-clean room and provides high-quality slitting processes.   
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As the leading slitting center in China, we have developed new technologies in metal precision machining and possess the highest quality personnel, equipment, and services. We have an abiding passion to meet our customers’ requirements.
5 sets of machine on precision production lineMachine No. 1(500mm width), Machine No. 2(350mm width), Machine No 3(400mm width), Machine No. 4(600mm width), Machine No 5(650mm in width)
5 sets of machine on ultra-precision production line Machine A(320mm width), Machine B(260mm width), Machine C(200mm width), Machine D(250mm width), Machine E(320mm width)
other machine precision cutting sheet machine No. 1(550mm width), Dry cleaning machine, Bobbin winding machine, Taper forming machine, Area static charge eliminating system
Applied materialsprecision stainless steel and various stainless steel materials, non-ferrous metal materials (nickel, pure copper, copper-nickel-zinc alloy, phosphor bronze, aluminum), silicon steel plates, metal composite materials, electroplating materials, composite resin, PP films, etc.
ApplicationLithium-ion batteries, auto parts, LCD, mobile phones, capacitor (concentrator/condenser), connectors, motors, OA equipment and other types of electronic products

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[ Area static charge eliminating system ]

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