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SIM IwataniSuzhou Iwatani Metal Products Co., Ltd. We offer support for the global electronics market, including secondary battery,    
solar cell, LED, LCD, touch screen, cell phone, and other technologies.   
Suzhou Iwatani is an enterprise engaged in slitting precision stainless steel materials and various types of non-ferrous metal. We provide slitting processing for electronic components, mobile phones, household appliances, auto parts and other electroplating materials. As composite materials become increasingly miniaturized and light weight, we have developed metal slitting technologies to new heights of precision and efficiency since our founding.
Our very thin, light, and fine ultra-precision slitting technology won high marks not only domestically but internationally. As a global industry-wide leader, we have attracted a great deal of attention in the worldwide electronic, machinery and high-tech industries. Processing thinner and finer metal promotes the manufacture eco-friendly products and contributes to energy and resource conservation. We will continue to be a source of innovation and leadership in the years to come.
Leading Technical Force in China
Able to provide slitting services to a variety of metal materials with different sizes
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precision stainless steel and various stainless steel materials, non-ferrous metal materials, resin film, metal composite materials, electroplating materials, etc.

SizePrecision production line: plate thickness 0.08-2.0mm, width 6.0-500mm
Ultra-precision production line: plate thickness 0.002-1.5mm, width 0.1-350mm
Leading Service in China 
Capable of handling short period and small-batch delivery
Giving priority to customer satisfaction, we reserve parent metal with various widths in accordance with customers’ expected requirements and provide slitting services to ship promptly to customers’ specifications. In order to reduce the customers’ inventory pressures and financial burden, we have established a timely supply system for the necessary amount of necessary materials.
Leading Quality in China
We are equipped with a semi-clean room, and have implemented policies of high quality and punctual deliveries.
We have obtained ISO9001 (in 2004) and ISO14001 (in 2006) certification and ISO/TS16949 (in 2016) certification, and conduct high level quality and delivery management as well as in Japan. so as to provide the comprehensive, high-quality and considerate services.
Leading Service Center in China
Able to provide processing services with supplied materials
We provide processing services with materials supplied by clients. We only charge a processing fee. We process according to the requested specifications and pressure on inventory and capital.
Leading Service Center in China
Able to conduct bonded transfer and general trade.
The relevant payments can be made in RMB, U.S. dollars or Japanese yen.
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